Ubuntu 10.10

8 11 2010

I am preparing to install the new Ubuntu 10.10. I have great expectations, hoping it is the best version till now. I heard a lot of good things about it. They say it has everything you need, new updates, new software packages and it’s easier to use.

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A new LTS from Ubuntu

16 03 2010

Every 2 years the Ubuntu developers release a long-term supported version also known as LTS. The last one was released in April 2008 and was the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. These long-term supported releases of Ubuntu have 3 year continuous support and are the most used ones.

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Kubuntu 9.10

9 11 2009

Like I promised I’m here with the review of the new Kubuntu 9.10 😀

I must say that I was surprised! I thought that they will use the same old installation interface, but there is a new and more attractive one. It’s very easy to use, it’s very user-friendly and has a nice new look. In 15 minutes you have a new OS on your computer because it is very fast, accept the last step where the post-installation triggers are being prepared.

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The comeback

6 11 2009

Hi everybody !!!

Sorry for not posting anything on the blog about Kubuntu and other Linux stuff for a long period of time. I’m back and I will try to recover the lost time. I will start with a post about the new Kubuntu 9.10 :D. I heard it’s very good. I’ll install it on my PC and make a review and a short movie to see what’s all about.

I’m glad that I’m back and I’ll see you soon 😉

Linux Mint 7 Gloria

24 07 2009

An article by Eric.

I finally decided to give Linux Mint 7 Gloria (a Linux operating system based on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope) a try, since the software from 6 was kind of dated, and the idea of beginning to compile source code doesn’t quite appeal to me. I didn’t have a spare blank CD, but I did have a blank USB flash drive. Following these simple directions I managed to make a bootable USB drive — the equivalent of a live CD (except I can now reuse the flash drive for other purposes).

The install process per se is pretty straightforward, no problems here. Soon I had a functional installation of Linux Mint 7 Gloria.

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First look after the installation

7 07 2009

After the installation of the Kubuntu 9.04 was successful, you will boot in it. First you will have to select the user name that you entered in the final steps of the installation and the password. Then it will load the KDE environment. In my case, the connection to the Internet was automatically. Kubuntu recognizes and installs the network drivers from the beginning. You don’t have to do a thing. After that, I recommend that you install the updates and the video drivers.

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How to install Kubuntu 9.04

4 07 2009

In this article I present a step-by-step tutorial for installing Kubuntu 9.04. Before starting the installation you should enter on Kubuntu’s official website and download it. Then burn the image with a burning software (I recommend PowerISO because is very good and easy to use) on a CD (don’t burn it on a CD-RW !!! ). The Kubuntu 9.04 CD will be  bootable and ready to use.

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